About Me


I’m a life long yoga student and new teacher.  I’m busy as most of us are these days, with a full time job, hobbies, friends, family and the like. Yoga keeps me grounded.  It is a gift and a joy I love to share with others!

As with many things worth doing well,  the practice of yoga is a discipline and one will never fully learn it all. I study yoga with a teacher in Jackson, MS and have picked up students along the way.

Benefits of yoga can be realized in just one session. And if you can breathe, you can do yoga. I offer classes for any level of fitness, and options for chair yoga, etc.

Last year I had the blessing to go to Hawaii for the first time. It was wonderful. I loved the water, the sand, the wind, the rocks, the sun, the green grass, the people, everything. I loved the friendliness of everyone I met and how sweet they were. Everywhere we went we were greeted with “Aloha”.

Later last summer I went to the Grand Canyon. We hiked part of the way down. It was hot, it was dry, it was work! on the way up, as my friend and I were sitting in the shade taking a rest, a scruffy man in his early 20s with dreadlocks came walking by. He looked at us and smiled and said, “Aloha.” A smile spread over our faces and just like that we were ready to walk again.

It has been said that the word Aloha is like the word, “namaste” which is both a greeting and a blessing based on the very breath that you take, and so perfect, I think for a yoga practice.

I have a small studio in Central Arkansas and if you are interested in classes, leave a comment I’ll contact you via email for more information.



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