“Sometimes it’s better to light a flamethrower than curse the darkness” Terry Pratchet

From Cormac comes this quote challenge. (I’m going to play along as long as I can make it “fit” the theme here, not always able to).


I’ve got this to say:

One. You know when a bulb burns out and you are lazy and don’t change it for a while? or you get right on it and put in a newer brighter bulb? You know how BRIGHT it suddenly is? you see the cobwebs, the dust, the things you thought would go away if ignored? Well That’s what flamethrowers do, for a minute, then you burn your hand, drop it and move on.

Two. When you shine that bright flamethrower on the darkness? You temporarily blind yourself. As in you do not see clearly.

Three. Examine Your Eyesight. (this comes from a lovely set of Tavis Smiley Empowerment cards, A card a day and woot! you retrain your thoughts. It goes on to say  take your focus off how others see you. Don’t be obsessed with the need to impress. Keep your concern on the vision in the mirror and don’t allow the approval of others to obstruct your view of you.

Four. Own it. The Darkness and the Flamethrower.  Both are means to an end.  Name it. Claim it.

Five. Its not the darkness or the light that will get you in the end. It’s how you react to them. That attitude is the light from inside that cannot be hidden or the darkness that will drag you down.


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