Yoga for Weightloss

So someone is always asking, “can you really lose weight doing yoga.” Someone asked that in my Monday night yoga class a couple weeks ago and before the teacher could respond,  a student raised her hand.

“I want to answer that,” she said. “I’ve lost 60 pounds in the last year and yoga has been my only form of exercise. ” Now if you are a body builder who runs 20 miles a week, adding yoga might not get you a 60 pound weight loss. But if you are right now, not working out at all, and you start a 3 or 4 a week yoga routine? yep, you will see results.

My yoga teacher confirmed the woman who had lost 60 pounds by saying in the last several years the only exercise she has gotten is yoga.  And she is firm and tight and in better shape than 4-6 years ago. (yep I’ve been going to that yoga teacher that long)

So, add healthy weight to the benefits of yoga. right up there with healthy spirit I hope.


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