Yoga for Joy

This past weekend I was at teacher training at Joyflow Yoga in Ridgeland, MS (near Jackson) and I was working so hard and deep and all the sudden I looked up and saw painted on the wall, “Experience Joy” and I burst into a smile as a song filled my heart.

The song?

Joy by the Newsboys

“You give me joy unspeakable and I like it!”

Flash forward to Thursday night. I’m teaching a new class and I’m not sure how its going. Are they “getting it?” how am I doing? After savasana and a time of relaxation, when they sat up I knew! I saw  the joy reflected on their faces! Oh what a feeling! and I know its nothing I did— it was the yoga!

Sometimes our joy,  its in there, its just buried so deep,  joy for life, for love,  for the sunrise, for the breath you take,  it just gets covered up with life. The process of yoga uncovers that inner joy, and I like it!


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