Who Are You?

One of the most interesting aspects of Yoga is self-discovery. Sometimes it comes at the end of a sweaty session when you held a pose, didn’t give in, and know you completed the challenge set before you. It gives you a quiet assurance that no matter what your day or week or life holds, you can take it!

Sometimes it sneaks up when you are your most relaxed and sitting quietly-there it is a thought that pops into your head, brings tears to your eyes and causes you to “frisk it” Is this true? does it have meaning? or is this one of those nasty things that gets on a thought loop that prevents you from moving forward in your life?

Sarah at Beer With a Straw, posed the question, ““The best way to learn to be a lady is to see how other ladies do it.” –Mae West”

Interesting.  And simple on the surface, but complex when you get right down to it.

Here in America, girls are bombarded from birth about what a “lady” is. And unlike some cultures where there are strongly defined gender roles, our definitions are based more on looks and buying the right things to enhance those looks.  Sometimes this makes us set up a definition that we use to judge ourselves and others, and without air brushes, wind machines, theater makeup, an editor to cut out parts of what we say and do,  NO one can measure up to that impossible standard. And why would we want to?

Thus, see how other ladies do it. My argument is that if a Lady takes out the trash, balances the check book, makes a cake, plants a garden, feeds the cows and chickens and hauls hay before going off to work on the road crew,  she is just as much a lady as the one going shopping and getting a new hair style and nail color every month. Why? Because by definition, If a lady is doing it, it must be what ladies do.

The art of being a lady is seeing how other ladies do it and finding out how to be the lady we want to be. The fault is saying,  “oh a lady would never _______. ” Because then you have set up the judges and juries to condemn some poor woman, possibly even yourself.

Years ago I set about taking pictures of the women in my life. Gathering eggs and washing them, bathing children, picking grapes, driving cars, cooking, laughing with friends.  What I noticed was that each of my subjects was beautiful.  The very art of being in that moment and being engaged in life made them so. The nuances of who they were deep inside shown through and was amazing!

So back to knowing yourself. Observe how other ladies do it. Be thankful for their ways if you love them. Learn from their mistakes if you don’t love their ways. Be your own kinda lady. The kind that knows who she is, and loves and accepts herself. In that moment, you are beautiful and the most ladylike of all.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Christy Marvel
    Jul 18, 2010 @ 18:34:23

    I am interested in taking a/some classes from you. I need to add a spiritual/physical element to my weekly regimen. Curious to what your other options might be for yoga; other than, whats posted on your website. If there are other options available, I’d like to find out what those are…. What town do you live in? one of your classes was NLR and the other Conway so… wondering what would be convenient for you too….thank you much.
    Christy Marvel


    • bringontherain
      Jul 25, 2010 @ 08:35:39

      Hey Christy:

      I live in Conway and work in North Little Rock. I have a full time job in addition to teaching yoga.I’m excited you want to join our yoga sessions. I’ve emailed you about what options you might be looking for.



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