We searched and searched for a name for a yoga studio. Twisted Sister was cool, as was Pretzils and a few others. The one that seemed to fit, however, was “Aloha Arkansas Yoga”

Why? I made my first trip to Hawaii last year and fell in love. With the islands, the sun, the wind, the water, the lush greens and blues. And the people.

So I found this information:

HA Last but certainly not by any means the least of the contexts, is a breath, or to breathe, but with a distinctive emphasis on the breath, as the proverbial “breath of life”.

Aloha I m o means the “facade, face or appearance, of the breath of life”. Inmo* the word aloha is so broad and generalized in it’s english interpretation/ translation because English is a very poor language for speaking of things spiritual/ heartfelt ! In short I would say the word aloha is like the word/ phrase namaste’, “I recognize the (same) breath of life within you as I have within, and wish to present from me”.

And isn’t that Namaste? a recoginition of that same breath of life in others?

So I begin a journey. To learn first and foremost. About myself and what I am capeable of, about what I have to offer others and how to “breathe” every day.


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